Essay in Which You Tell Us About Someone Who Has Made an Impact on Your Life

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In our life stages, we face people who impact us positively and others who impact us negatively. Anyhow, some of them change our way of thinking and our perspective of life. For me, I met person who impacted me positively and changed my way of thinking and my standpoint of confronting and challenging hardships and surmount them. She is my art teacher.
When I was in seventh grade, I was excellent in science subjects. However, I was bad in art. I hated this subject on the contrary of the majority of students. One day, in the art class, the teacher talked about colors and that everyone has favorite colors because inside every individual there are art and decorum he or she can express them via drawing and mixing colors or designing. After
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I staid a few second then I closed my eyes and executed what she told me. A beautiful picture came to my mind: two friend hold hands each other strongly and came toward sea, inspired that they would not quit each other never whatever. Then I hold the pencil and began to draw quitly and the teacher was looking. After a few minutes from drawing, I looked at the image. It was too bad. I threw the pencil and ripped the paper and I said “ It was too ugly”. The teacher smiled and told me quietly “ Because this is the first time you have tried to draw. When you go home, try to draw the same image again”. I attempted drawing that image time after time. Finally, I drew it. It was not perfect very well, but it was not bad this time. I spent all that night gazing at the drawing. I did not believe that I drew. I was excited to show the teacher my drawing. In the next day, when the teacher saw the drawing, she surprised and said “ What a pretty image” and she took it.
She did not stop helping me after this event. She used to give me a theme every weak and ask me to draw an expressive image. I remember her statement every weak “I want you to try, just try”. I was getting better time after time until I became familiar with drawing.
The lesson was wider than just drawing. I did not discover that until I went to high school. My art teacher gave me a weapon to confront challenges. Especially

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