Essay For Nursing Admission

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I have always had a passion to venture into healthcare since I was a young girl. It took me a long time to decide which field to join in the vast and exciting world of healthcare. I finally chose nursing because I admire the personal and professional development associated with it.
Nursing is an emotionally fulfilling career that makes a positive impact in people's lives. Being raised in a family that has healthcare professionals, it was virtually impossible to turn a blind eye from the healthcare industry, as it has played a key role in my life. My grandmother and great grandmother were nurses back in their younger days. My grandmother used to paint stories of the times she nursed injured men during the war in Zimbabwe. She spoke about the
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This great experience has taught me the art of monitoring and catering patients. Some of the daily activities I was assigned to include checking body temperatures, pulse, respiration and weight loss. From this experience I have earned a reputation for making my patients feel comfortable and relaxed in times of stress. I have also learnt how to stay professional in difficult situations and still show compassion. Teamwork is essential in this field, I and my colleagues work together to provide the best assistance and care to our patients. I carry my enthusiastic attitude around everywhere I go and I show my colleagues the utter most respect. I find satisfaction in my job and I strive to attain greater heights as time proceeds. I possess great interactive skills and I use this to brighten up a patient's day. I am excited and prepared to pursue nursing as a life changing career that will contribute to the welfare of others. My determination to contribute in helping those in need and the joy it brings makes me feel that I am making the world a better place through my skills and knowledge.
Nursing comes with challenges both practically and theoretically and this makes me more determined to face the challenges. A great Chinese philosopher once said, "The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step." I have always believed that

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