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It is essential to have a business plan before venturing into any commercial business. This will give help in giving roadmap on how the business will be able to compete effectively in the market. A good business plan must include all the necessarily steps that should be followed for the success of that business. The business idea/plan will depend on the type of the market that you want to venture. This paper will discuss the about the business idea for e-commerce.
E-commerce is the facilitation of trading products and services using the computer network such as the internet. This is acknowledged as one of the most advanced methods of trading since manufacturers and customers are not required to necessary meet for them to conduct business. There
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The sites that use e-commerce are usually open all the time, and the consumer is not limited when it comes to the purchasing of good and services. In some parts of the world, most of the shops close within a certain period, and consumers would not be allowed to shop once those shops are closed. This action tends to limit certain types of consumers especially those how are working late hours. With the E-commerce, the consumer will be able to purchase an item and their convenient time. They are only required to place an order which will be verified in the shortest period (McKeever, 2012). The payment is also very convenient for the consumers since they can to an online transaction. The consumers will only be required to give certain numbers of their bank accounts which the manufacturers will use in deducting their required amount of the goods and services that they have sold to them. Visa cards I one of the methods that are used when to comes to payment of services when using e-commerce. This is considered as the safest method of transaction since a person will not have the need of sending the money directly to the seller. It is also safe since the cardholder will not be required to carry money around. It is also beneficial to the business people since e-commerce ensures instant transaction. With E-commerce, there is no more waiting time for the check to clear or Waiting for 30 days for that transaction to complete (Pride, 2015). The business will have be paid immediately once the product has been delivered to the consumers. This action reduces the various fraud cases that have been experienced in the previous

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