Essay Explain Why Working In Partnership With Others Is Important For Children And Young People

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1.1 Explain why working in partnership with others is important for children and young people.
It is important to work in partnership with others as u get other views you may not have, so that we can provide consistent care for the child. To help keep the child safe from harm because if we suspect any harm we can provide the help they need as soon as possible. Developing a bond with the parent will also make the parent and child feel safe at being in your care at pre-school. Also working with other professionals and multi- disciplinary teams, such as SENCO, speech therapist, social workers, etc., so we can provide quality care to children, and achieve the best for all children. For example, if you suspect a child is suffering abuse, you would then be able to report it to the appropriate professionals, and work together for the safety of the is important that all the staff in the setting work together and follow the same routines to ensure the best care for the child.
In pre-school settings the relevant partners are as follows Child and adolescent mental health
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As a rule you should always talk to your room leader, if you are placed in such situation, however guilty you may feel at breaking confidence. Avoid discussing this with other colleagues. If a parent or carer withdraws consent for information, a room leader/manager can seek a second opinion or take action through the child concern model, which means that information can be shared without the permission to safeguard the child. If you share the information, you must do it using the correct process with the child in

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