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| Essay Exam #2 West of the World | Virginia Atteberry10/16/2011 |
Fall 2011 – EUH1000- Western Civil Thru 1589 - 35290 |

1. Discuss the Lay Investiture struggle and give its effects. What was really at stake?
The Lay Investiture struggle was between the people of the Church and the rulers of Europe. The rulers wanted to have power over the church which would require the church officials to become dependent upon the government. Not only would the pope and the other officials of the church not have their independence in the church but also the land and religious offices would be at stake.
The hunger for more power began with Otto I, who demanded that the pope crown him as Holy Roman Empire’s emperor. Otto I’s crown
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What were the crises which plagued the Church during the middle ages? How did these crises damage or improve the Church’s status?
One of the major crises of the middle ages was the Black Death plague. Black Death killed nearly one third of Europe’s population within four years of the plague’s span. Many believe that the Black Death was brought to Europe from an attack in the Black sea by the Mongols. The plague began by ship then on to the Mediterranean ports which then transmitted the plague throughout the continent.
The plague affected so much of the life in the middle ages such as a wood shortage for fuel. Wood was need in order to take warm bathes, at this point only the wealthy would be able to afford to take baths especially in the winter time. Personal hygiene was not a very high priority during that time. So many were blaming each other for the plague, such as the Jews were being blamed for poisoning the water supply. The Europeans that thought they were helping in finding the real cause of the plague actually aided in the spread of the plague.
Black Death cause believes of God to think that they were being punished by God for the sinners. As a result of this “punishment” a group of Flagellants arose. Flagellants would beat themselves with whips on their back until they bled and would pray to God for mercy. Over time the Flagellant group became destructive and turned to a life of crime. The loss of

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