Reflective Essay: Essential Tools For Good Academic Writing

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Essential Tools for Good Academic Writing.
I just finished my junior year in High school where I had to write probably more than 20 essays during the school year. While I was writing essays in my junior year, the most important thing was to analyze the sources that I was using to find arguments and information. Analyzing is very important because when I write, I find connections between the writer and myself (the reader) to create arguments for my essays. When I write there are some values that are very important for me and one of them is knowing the topic because I would be able to persuade the reader to believe in what I am writing. With persuasion, the reader will be able to analyze the writing. When I write taking ideas from others is something that I do and explain them in my own works. But most important is to give credit to the responsible party for the
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I agree with Berube on that because he actually has a very good analysis as he explains why he grade essays the way he does. For example, when he says "I try to explain the differences among superior, mediocre, and failing papers, and I tell students that my skills as a reader have been honed by my many experiences with professional editors who attend carefully to paragraph transitions, dangling modifiers, and inaccurate citations." (Berube 1). In this piece of Berube 's writing he is clarifying what a paper needs to be a very good essay. He is explaining how he grades the way he grades essays. Through Berube’s experiences he is able to recognize when an essay is a good academic writing because of his “analyze don’t summarize” theory. With this theory, he identifies arguments, evidence, support to the evidence, and proper citations within what he is reading in order to determine good academic

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