Essay Differences Between Frankenstein And Dracula

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Frankenstein vs. Dracula

When individuals are placed in an unusual situation, those singles deal with problems in different manners. In Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Victor Frankenstein and Jonathan Harker deal with their situations in different ways. To begin, Harker gathers information about his foe. Also, he seeks help and protects others as a number one priority while Victor does not. As well, due to his actions, Harker lives on with a joyful life. Therefore, faced with supernatural challenges, Harker’s outcome is more positive as a result of his decisions and actions.
Of course, Harker and Frankenstein share some similarities. To start, both encounter supernatural beings who cause destruction and agony. The monster
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The monster says he will be there with Frankenstein on his wedding night. He now worries about the well-being of himself and not his soon-to-be wife, Elizabeth, who is also involved in this night. The monster kills Elizabeth instead of Frankenstein so he can suffer alone, the same way the monster is. Because Frankenstein only thought about himself and not others, he got Elizabeth killed which may not have happened if he changed his actions. On the other hand, Harker protects Mina as his number one priority. Throughout the novel, Dracula has a want for Mina and Harker protects her with the help of others who are by his side. Harker wants to defend the ones he loves by thinking of them first and himself second. In addition, due to the way the characters deal with their supernatural enemies, Frankenstein dies lonely and Harker lives on. Frankenstein has gone to the Arctic and continues his quest to find his monster and defeat him. There he meets Walton and tells his story, later asking him to continue his search for the monster after he is dead. The creation is now fulfilled that Frankenstein is dead, but he leaves into the Arctic to die alone since he does not know what else to do with himself. On the contrary, Harker lives the life he deserves. Dracula has been defeated with the help of Van Helsing and the other hunters who stab him through the heart and cut off his head. Because of the hard work of the team, Harker and Mina live on with a happy life, including a child who they name Quincey after the death of their dear

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