College Students Journey To College

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College Motivation Since the day people children start kindergarten, they begin their journey to further their education. When a child is in elementary school, they look forward to middle school. When a child is in middle school, they start to think about going to high school to begin their long four-year journey to college. A persons strive to get into a college depends on the individual while in high school, whether a student wants to go to a big college or a small one. Students have parents and teachers motivating them and guiding their way through the four years before they leave. Once a student goes to college, they can become very independent and have to keep up with their own responsibilities. In college, motivation can become a serious problem for college students. One of the things first year college students will experience is the feeling of independence. The student will have to take care of their own room, laundry, attending classes, and many other activates that used to be aided by the parents. College is helping a student to grow and experience how being an adult will feel like. Many students might not be ready for the big change in their life or mature enough. Many students might start to slip from class or stop going without any …show more content…
High school students do not have the same amount of pressure that a college student has. College students have to become independent through their time at college. They are pressured to pass classes that will decided whether or not, they are qualified to be in a certain career. They have to be careful on how they manage their time between their studies, homework, social life and often times a job to help support them through college. When a student starts to mess up and failing to attend to the responsibilities of college, they begin to lose motivation to continue with their educational

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