Essay About Women In The Crucible

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Women are portrayed in a couple different ways in the crucible. Some of the girls are shown are honest, godly, moral, upright people. On the other hand some are the complete opposite. Miller is not a feminist and he’s not a women hater. In the novel he seems to show stabilizability between different people. In order to make the story more believable. There are three different women in the book with three different personalities. These women are Elizabeth Proctor, Abigail Williams and Mary Warren.
Elizabeth Proctor can be seen as one of the most faithful women in the play. Even though John had an affair and Abigail Williams (which was their housekeeper at the time). She knew of the affair and she was still kind to John. When Elizabeth was
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Mary later become apart of the court that condemns witches. When she first got the power she enjoyed it but later after a few people dying she feels terrible about what she has done. One of the first signs when we see Mary feel bad is when she made the doll for Elizabeth Proctor. Later Abigail uses the poppet to frame Elizabeth for witchcraft. This makes her feel even worse for what she has done. In the play proctor asked Mary “You will tell the court how the poppet got here and whom stuck the needle in” Mary says “She’ll kill me for saying that , Abigail charge lechery on you”. In the end Miller portrays her character has a weak and sympathetic, but he doesn't let her off the hook easy. It could be the fact that he is trying to point out that even good hearted people can commit crimes.
Miller portrays women in many unique, different ways. One cannot blame the guy for being biased burning this time. Three different characters were shown with various different personalities, yet all had a very powerful presence in this play. I think it’s safe to say that there was not one set idea that he was biased to the women, and that he was prejudiced while writing this play. The women in this play were portrayed as powerful, complex human beings that could make men do anything they

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