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One breakfast food has traveled across the sea and into the hearts of Americans. The Belgian waffle was not always a breakfast food though, and was not always mass produced. It has single handedly revolutionised breakfast over the past half-century. The Belgian waffle has become a staple of modern breakfast food, and for good reason; the famous breakfast has a history and culture as rich as it’s flavor.
In 1958 Belgian waffles were introduced at the Brussels World’s fair. Then, Walter Cleyman, who made waffles at the Brussels World's fair, introduced the Belgian waffle to America. According to Alan Stein, “On April 21, 1962, Belgian waffles [made] their American debut at the Seattle World's Fair” (Stein 1). They sold so many waffles for the fair, that Stein reports they used “100,000 eggs... 50,000 pounds of flour, and... more than 100,000 pounds of strawberries” (Stein 6). The popularity of the waffles skyrocketed after that. They became so popular that they were sold at the New York World’s fair in 1964. They became an even huger success at this world fair and reached many more people. This is why many books and new articles incorrectly credit the New York World’s fair for the waffles introduction. Interestingly enough, there is only one history for a
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There is the Liege waffle which according to Julie Thomson has a “dense, [and] sweet characteristic”(Thomson 6), the dough for Liege waffles is made with pearl sugar, which is not easy to come by. It is what gives is such a naturally sweet flavor. There is also the Brussels waffle, Christopher Hall, from National Geographic, says it is “thick, [and] yeasty” (3 Hall). It is a crowd pleaser and “and nearly melts in your mouth” raves Thomson (Thomson 7). Luckily the waffles are not only found in Belgium. There is a business called Wafels & Dinges in New York that makes the waffles that seem like they are straight from Belgium

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