Essay About The World Gaming

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Third World Gaming
(Intro)(Shortening it still) Picture this, growing up in Cagayan de Oro, Philippines where it was always humid and sunny all day. A beautiful tropical place to escape and be one with nature. Being able to eat all the different and exotic fruits and all the fresh produce right in your backyard. Living there for the first ten years of my life has opened up my eyes about the real relationships you can have with someone without needing technology in your life. Everything felt so natural and untouched in a way. We were never really aware of a lot of technology, just the basics like a television and radios were all we ever used. Computers were just starting to become relevant at that time over in the Philippines, our school only had about 3 computers for 300 of the students that went there. My dad worked for Del Monte at the time so he was able to get a computer for our house. My friends couldn’t believe we had one. We didn’t have internet on it though but my dad had it solely for the purpose of typing documents out and printing them. He was able to get a couple computer games for us but they were learning games since we were so young. Mainly teaching us math, science and English. We had no idea about other games that were out and popular at the time. We never had a game system growing up either. After moving to Wisconsin and meeting new people. We ended up seeing so much new technology and just got thrown into this different lifestyle that we weren’t aware was…

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