Essay About The Mother I Never Had

1012 Words Nov 27th, 2015 null Page
To the mother I never had, It was nice to hear from you from the letter that I received but I feel your life was unaffected by not having me in your life. It has taken you all these years to send that me that letter; I know you may of not know what to say to me however it has left me wondering if you ever did care about me. You may have not spotted it but your life has obviously been excessively too busy for me.

Most of your focus has been on your doctorate, which is fine. However, you never thought about how I would fit around your life. You would have forgotten about me at this key moment in your life know you would have dropped the doctorate if I was around. However I know that you would have started the ‘if I didn’t have you’ which would make me feel bad for stepping into your life. Therefore, your career is more important to you to have any room to add in little old me into the mix.

You have made this choice as a way to live your life; but you have increasingly failed to take into account the why you have chosen your life this way. We both know it is a decoy way to hide your pain of not having me around. You never allowed yourself to comprehend the true meaning for not having me. You planned your life to a tee so that it involved me but you never had a plan for if I was not around. Your life has become a nightmare to understand instead of your fairy-tale dream. I would never fit into your life like a perfect jigsaw…

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