Character Analysis: The Club Guy

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The Club Guy

The Club Guy is a very fun man to be around. He knows how to party and loves to dance. Many players who just want to have sex for the night wouldn’t be caught dead on the dance floor. They despise The Club Guy thinking he’s on So You Think you Can Dance? The Player is too busy trolling the bar looking for potential drunk women to spit at. Sometimes they stand up leaning up against the wall talking with girls while watching the fools dance like they’re on Soul Train. Now, there are some Club Guys who hop from one club to another searching for potential sex partners. These are The Players/Club Guys. They want to see how many women they can get in bed for the night and the perfect place to pick up them up is at a nightclub. The Club
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Jared is an ex-spokesperson for Subway, and you’ve probably seen his name in the news. He is the guy sentenced to 15 years in prison in November, 2015 for possessing kiddie porn and having sex minors. A lot of people don’t know that back his college days at Indiana University, Jared used to rent and sell porn DVDs from his dorm room. He was the “porn guy” on campus. In fact, after he graduated college, there was a drought in porn and a lot of college students was furious because of this. It came out in court that this is when he discovered child porn. Many porn addicts who have watched this stuff for years eventually develop a dependency to it. They escalate to porn that is more raunchy and eventually everything goes overboard. The problem with porn addicts is that they never step outside themselves, look at themselves and say, hey, I’m a porn addict. That’s the first step to recovery. Instead, they keep on at it and come up with justifications for continuing to watch the nasty stuff. They start to love it and then become completely brainwashed and imbalanced in their mind, soul, and spirit. It doesn’t matter the education level, income, or race, anybody can become a porn addict. Now, when Jared become a millionaire featured in commercials about how he lost weight in college from eating Subway sandwiches everyday he had the money to indulge his fantasies. It was even said in court that he let go his food addiction and replaced it with a porn addiction. But, most likely, it stemmed way before that. This guy seemed somewhat of a Pleasure Seeker. Anyway, Jared started going as far as paying prostitutes in what seemed like everyday occurrences. He spent over $12,000 on them. He started acting out his fantasies. This was bad business and although what he was doing was illegal, when it comes to an aroused penis, it is hard to think clearly. If you find a man is a Porn Guy stay away from

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