Essay About Social Media Addiction

The Dangers of the Overuse of Social Media and Cell Phones C.G Jung, a well-known Swiss psychiatrist once said, "Every form of addiction is bad, no matter whether the narcotic is alcohol, morphine, or idealism" (Web). When many people hear the word "addiction" they think of alcohol, drugs, sex, etc. Although those are still very prominent addictions, over time, things have evolved. As this society has transitioned into a more technology advanced age, this generation has become addicted to things like phones, computers, and social media. Addiction to social media is an issue that is growing exponentially and has resulted in several medical issues and negative outcomes. Although it seems as if the odds are not in this generations favor, there are several solutions to help the people "unplug" and make their way back to reality. First of all, social media is a …show more content…
Whether this is socially or emotionally, it has become a big part of their day to day life (Ring Web). "Teenagers especially can feel a sense of pressure to stay active online. Many experience a need to be responsive on social media 24/7, feeling compelled to answer texts or direct messages almost immediately" (Al-Khatib Web). While using the term, "teenager" this means ages from about thirteen to around 18. At this age, many kids don 't understand that this is an actual, real life problem. They can 't see that being constantly glued to their phones can and has been affecting their friends, families, and their selves. Teenagers can sometimes feel like there is some sort of force pulling them into their phones. Once they see their phone light up or vibrate, it ' almost impossible to ignore it. Nearly 80% of teens have admitted that they check their phones at least once every hour and 72% said they must respond immediately (Wallace Web). In other words, a majority of today 's teens suffer from constantly being worried about their

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