The Influence Of Being A Gay Man

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A stranger to me would be a White man who comes from a family that has lived in the United States since the industrial revolution, and identities himself as gay. I am a Hispanic woman who comes from a family that immigrated to the United States less than three decades ago. I consider myself heterosexual, so this man would be the complete opposite of me.
“Living a life were I was mostly trying to fit in and giving myself reasons to think that what I was feeling was not good, made me feel so insecure and unable to open my self to anyone”. This quote is from my personal interview that I had with one of my friend’s friend named Bretsen C. He has spent a lot of years hiding his true self by acting heterosexual all through his teenage years. He
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A perception that I had of gay men is that they are very happy and colorful and enthusiastic. That is just what I thought about when I would see or talk to a gay man. But, as a result, we are all unique, and we have our own personalities, and this includes gay men. Not all gay men are happy beings like I thought; they are no different than me or anyone else.
Gay men have for the most part always been stigmatized for being who they are, especially when it comes to religious people and people who say that marriage is only for a male and female relationship. In this population, being gay is frown upon and it might actually cause a lot of families to disown them. Gay men have also experience a lot of prejudice because being gay is something that is “not normal” to many people in this country and around the world. Many people just dislike them and judge them without getting to know them. They just assume that because they are gay, they are to be treated differently. Of course there has been a lot of change recently about being gay, but, years ago this was not the case, and there are still a numerous amount of people who do not accept gays. I feel that years ago the structure of society was not supportive at all with the
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There were many gay right movements, but not until recently, were they able to get the right to be married. Today, there is still discrimination against gay men, but it is not as bad as it was decades ago. There are now a lot of ways that society supports the gay community. In my community, there is a place on campus that gay men and anyone who represents the LGBT population can go to, to interact with others who are going through the same issues or just wanting to talk to others. This is the pride center in Oregon State University. An organization that I found outside of campus is titled “ PRIDE Corvallis” which is dedicated in connecting with the LGBTQ population. They create a lot of events for this population and the Corvallis population in general. There are many organizations in the

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