Essay About My Stranger

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A stranger to me would be a White man who comes from a family that has lived in the United States since the industrial revolution, and identities himself as gay. I am a Hispanic woman who comes from a family that immigrated to the United States less than three decades ago. I consider myself heterosexual, so this man would be the complete opposite of me.
“Living a life were I was mostly trying to fit in and giving myself reasons to think that what I was feeling was not good, made me feel so insecure and unable to open my self to anyone”. This quote is from my personal interview that I had with one of my friend’s friend named Bretsen C. He has spent a lot of years hiding his true self by acting heterosexual all through his teenage years. He
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He has insecurities and feels that he spent a lot of time hiding from himself. I can relate to this because although I am not gay, I have been hiding from facing my fears, which by the way, my stranger had to do in order to free him self from hiding his true self. My fears are those that most of us have, such as not feeling good enough for something, or not being able to really show who I am in front of people for the fear of rejection or judgment. Another similarity that my stranger and I have is that we both went through a set of phases that made us stronger. For them was realizing that they were different and having the strength to live as who they were. For me, it was realizing that I was also different. I didn’t speak English when I was younger so I realized that I was not the same as the other students. We also got bullied. What I also see that we both have in common is that we have the same wants and desires, like any other person. We have our own goals, our own plans for the future, and this is the same with most of the population. I have never passed any judgment against gay men, but I do have to say that I didn’t know how much they had to go through to be able to reveal themselves and feel like they belong. Like in the movie I watched, there are some gay men who have no problem saying that they are gay to the entire world, but there are still many who at first struggled to admit that they were gay. A perception that I had of gay men is that they are very happy and colorful and enthusiastic. That is just what I thought about when I would see or talk to a gay man. But, as a result, we are all unique, and we have our own personalities, and this includes gay men. Not all gay men are happy beings like I thought; they are no different than me or anyone

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