Essay About My Language Learning Experience

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My Language Learning Experience

I have been a student of Spanish since I was in the 7th grade. It was my twin sister who ignited the spark for me. She had just attended Spanish class before me, and turned to me while we were standing at our lockers, asking triumphantly, “Como se llama Usted”? I was immediately captivated, and insisted that she tell me what she had said, but she wouldn’t, and turned to walk away with a smug smile on her face. Ever since that day I have had an endless curiosity for, and interest in foreign language. I quickly discovered that not only did I have a natural curiosity for language, but that I also had a natural propensity for language learning.

I have had many Spanish teachers over the years, and while I struggle to remember them in great detail, I do clearly recall the aspects of what moved me, and gave me “aha” moments. Conversely I can recall teachers that were perhaps tired or uninspired themselves, and were essentially only going through the motions of teaching. It takes just a few seconds of observation for a student to sense the mood of the teacher. If a teacher is appearing happy to be in the classroom, then the learning experience will be much more positive than it would be if the teacher has clearly had a bad day, is tired, or distracted. It will be important for me to be as consistent as possible in bringing positive energy to the classroom. This will also include awareness of my body language!

My current Spanish language study…

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