Essay About My Dream Dreams Come True

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"LUHAN!! LUHAN!! LUHAN, I LOVE YOU!!" I screamed at EXO's concert. EXO is a boyband from South Korea, and my idol is a member of EXO. So crowded in here, most people who come here are women. They also scream just like me, suddenly EXO come out. "I can see Luhan! I can see my idol! My dream is come true." I said to myself, I can’t stop to smile. This is my best day ever.
"Hey! Hey!" someone just yells at me. I don't know who but it is so annoying.
"Hey! Wake up! What time is it!? Hey! Why you still sleeping! Wake up!" said my mother woke me up.
"Hoammm. Mom, you disturb my beautiful dream. I am at EXO's concert, seeing Luhan."
"Ohhh, you still not wake up yet. Okay, I will pour water over you."
My beautiful dream just disappears because of my mom. Luhan, I hope one
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I still can't believe it, I feel so happy. In the middle of the concert, the MC says that there is one lucky fan that will be on stage with EXO. I'm so excited to hear that, I hope the lucky ones is me. Then.., someone pulls my hand and takes me away. I don't know what just happen and where he will bring me. When I realized, that man take me to the stage and then the MC says that I'm the lucky fans. Oh my god, I don't believe it, I standing on the stage with EXO. The MC asks me about my favorite idol in EXO, and then I said Luhan. Luhan comes to me and suddenly he hugs me! Oh my god! This is my best day ever and I will remember this day until the end of my life. I'm so happy.
Duuukkk!! I fall from my bad. Then I wake up and realize that it just a dream. "Huuh! It was just my other dream. I never met Luhan." said me sadly. I come out from my room go to the kitchen. Surprisingly my family in there and I see my mom carries birthday's cake. This is my birthday! I make a wish and then blow the candle.
"Happy birthday my little daughter, wish you all the best. This is a gift from us to you. Hope you like it." said my mom to

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