Essay About Life In The Ghetto

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Living in the Ghetto could be called on of the darkest sides and biggest tragedies of the human civilization. Many issues resulted in living in the Ghetto. Many adults and most children did not survive life in the ghetto. Life in the Ghetto had very harsh living conditions. The ghettos were city districts in which the Germans concentrated the municipal and sometimes regional Jewish population and forced them to live under miserable conditions. Several families lived in a single apartment. Plumbing broke down and contagious diseases spread rapidly. Many families were homeless and lived on the streets from not being able to afford, illnesses, and many other causes. It was a dangerous place, and it was very scary. Some people killed themselves just to escape their hopeless lives. Contagious diseases spread rapidly around the ghetto. Children were orphaned and put on the streets everyday. Since they lived on the streets, they had to be resourceful. During long winters they didn’t have much heat, so many froze to death or became very ill. Children made toys using whatever pieces of clothing and wood they could find laying around. The children also turned the tops of empty cigarette boxes into playing cards. The Ghetto was a very unbearable place.
Many children in the ghetto died from starvation. Their food was scarce. Lack
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Human waste was thrown in the streets along with garbage. The Ghettos were very overcrowded. The ghetto lacked basic electricity and clean buildings, structures, and homes. Many people living in the Ghetto risked their lives for higher values, such as education for children, religious traditions, and the joy of cultural activities or games. Many children or young kids tried to keep their education by going to school classes that were organized by some adults in the Ghettos. The Ghettos were set up to separate the Jews from the rest of the population. All of these issues affect everyone living in the

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