Essay About Illegal Drugs

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An illegal drug is a chemical substance that it can help people releasing the pain, the stress and give them some the impressions. But under the influence of illicit drugs that people can get many kinds of effect such as liver cancer, heart and brain diseases. So there are having two main categories of illicit drugs which are stimulants and depression. Both of them include marijuana, cocaine, heroin, amphetamine, and opiate which ones that most American used.
Nowadays, illegal drugs cause many regretful accidents in our society. They are continually killing thousands of people each year, shattering families and bringing misery to them. In addition, I have a close friend, Kenny, who was a drug user. He started abusing the illicit drugs when
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There are many people become addicted to drugs. According to the 2012 drug use survey by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, approximately 24 million Americans (9.2% of the general public aged 12 or older) reported using an illicit drug in the past month. Our society have increase amount of addicted people over years.
Now, a large amount of populations of American have abused to drugs. There are many kinds of ages from twent to above to drugs in our society. In facts, there were more twenty four million Americans’ different ages about twelve and older as nine percent of the United States population had used illicit drugs and become addicted.
The illegal drugs cost a large amount of money in our society. “Americans spent more than $40 billion last year on cocaine, heroin, marijuana and other illegal drugs and Also, it caused about six thousands of another people’s treated in emergency department and cost approximately 110 billion dollars each year for the treatment,” Point out by David Johnston. As we noticed, every kind of drugs is expensive, but the cost of treatment is higher. There are most of addicted Americans are willing to purchase about hundred dollars for abusing drugs every week. For using too much drugs, that many people got the treatment every day from stroking, overdosing of drugs. So our society has a large amount of addicted people, we also have to spend more money for curing them. We have to help them get out from drugs as a normal
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“You don’t want to scare people, but you certainly want to make them aware of the dangeroussness. You can be as deadly behind the wheel with prescription drugs as you can with over-the-limit drugs, and you are responsible for your own actions,” R. Gil Kerlikowske said to a 2007 survey by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. When you are overdosing on drugs, you might kill others or yourself. You do not have complete control over your body and your mind is not clear when you are using illicit drugs. You then are getting behind the wheel can lead to serious car accidents.
In fact, when people are overdosing on drugs, they are really high that they cannot control their speed. Otherwise, they are not aware to pay attention to other cars or change lane without the signal. They likely make speed up as much as possible that they would hit other car badly within their speed. So they might have killed themselves and other innocent people. However, they might get caught and repay for other people property if that are small kinds of accidents. The illegal drugs affect badly to your

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