Essay About Going To College

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Many people dream of having a college degree and having his or her dream job someday. However, most people are not able to achieve that dream due to cost of tuition. A college degree can be an investment. It can give people a better life to live and a better career. Going to college can be very challenging due to harder classwork and a lot of homework. Students hardly have time to do anything outside of school because there is so much studying to do. It takes a very motivated person to achieve a college degree. Colleges these days offer many ways to afford tuition and other expenses for school. There is a government funding called financial aid, although not every student is able to receive the funds. Students whom parents have higher income than most will not be able to receive financial aid funds. Financial aid is mostly gave to students who are married and/or have kids. I do not agree with how …show more content…
Oil field jobs pay really well to men these days and that is where most young guys go after high school. Although, they risks getting laid off and losing their job when gas prices rise and other things go wrong with the job. It is not a job to count on for a career. Women do not have much of a choice but to get a college education. There are not any good paying jobs for women like it is for men. It takes a college education to make good money these days. Also, a college education can last a lifetime. A person who has a college degree will most likely always have a job. It takes a motivated person to receive a college degree due to the hard work it takes. Teachers give a lot of homework and classwork. College classes are much harder than high school classes. It takes time and courage to pass college classes. However, the time spent in college and hard work pays off in the future. A college degree will give a student a better career and outlook on life

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