Essay About Early Jamestown

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Always remember to make good choices, because small mistakes could lead to big ones. This is an important lesson because this started to happened to Jamestown, Virginia on May 13, 1607. This town was named after King James the first. Colonists died in early Jamestown because of a few problems. Some problems include as massive droughts, lack of surgeons, and diseases. The first problem in Jamestown was the massive drought. In document B, the graph presents that there was a massive drought for 6-7 years. Soon enough in the winter of 1609-1610, it became really cold and it was labeled as starving time. Even when Jamestown settlers could get water, it could’ve been contaminated. Many settlers died from dehydration and starvation. The second problem in Jamestown was the lack of surgeons. On the first and second ship list on document C, I noticed that there was only one surgeon. Considering the fact that 110 settlers arrived it wouldn’t be possible for one surgeon to serve all in a short about of time. There also weren’t any druggists on the first ship so the …show more content…
In document A, the author states that there was many deaths because of the brackish water. Brackish water is a mixture of seawater with freshwater. Water was a very important resource, so when they drank that water they became more sick. Illness is a contributing element to everyone of the passings. There is a wide range of perspectives on this issue, however I believe that colonists died in early Jamestown from many different problems that occurred. Almost everyone died in Jamestown. If these events have never happened then the American history would be different. This is the story of the individuals who preceded our lifetimes and what they fulfilled, we tail it so that we can gain from what they effectively experienced and did when they were alive. Coming to a conclusion, it’s very important to know why so many of the early colonists of jamestown

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