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Central Park Travel Guide

In the center of the Manhattan borough of New York, visitors will discover a storied and idyllic green space known as Central Park. This highly famed attraction was first built in 1857, and originally only encompassed 778 acres. After a time, the popularity of the park forced an expansion to the current 843 acres that it now holds. As a celebrated collaboration between the architect Calvert Vaux and landscape designer Frederick Law Olmsted, Central Park is the most visited urban public park in all of the United States.

New York itself is renowned for its hustle and bustle, fast paced life style. Its millions of residents and visitors become immune to the concrete jungle created by so many businesses, buildings, and sky scrapers on the island of Manhattan. Central Park
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While it is famously known and recognized as a skating rink, during the non-snow months the theatre area is used for many different types of performances. During the summer an amusement park is set up in the area, and throughout the rest of the year visitors will discover music festivals and food related events.

Directions to Central Park
Central Park is very easy to find when visiting New York. Even tourists who have never been to the city of Manhattan will have no problems locating this immense park. Logistically, the park runs from 59th street to 110th street, south to north, and from Central Park West to 5th avenue. The most common method of transportation used to get to Central Park involve the train/subway. The N, R, W, B, C, A, D, and 1 through 3 trains will all get you there easily.

The Arsenal, built in the mid 1800's, was once the storehouse of the New york State Militia's ammunition and arms.
The Central Park Carousel operates throughout most of the year, and is stylized in the fashion of vintage, hand carved carousels of

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