Personal Narrative Essay: The Joys Of Bullying

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I approached the bully. I said some mean stuff to the girl, then walked away. This made her hate me even more, but I didn’t care. She already hated me, and I hated her too.
I am Franny Everson. I’m a 13-year-old girl with brown hair and weird clothes. I wear glasses and am very tall. Along with everyone else in my town, I have super speed. When I was little, I was bullied, so now I am nice to nice people, but mean to mean people. I am smart and funny, but some people also call me awkward and nerdy. I bully bullies to make them be nice to the kids they were bullying. If they gossip about a girl, I'll spread a terrible rumor about them. If they beat her up (usually boys did this to other boys), I would beat them up. The bullies hate me, but
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The girl started crying and the bully said she was a cry baby. This made me upset, so I ran to help the girl. The bully shoved me too, so I obviously shoved her back. I trashed talked her, and she called me a jerk. I told the bully that if she left the little girl alone, I would leave her alone. The bully said “no” and ran away.
The Bully’s name is Lovely Kent. Perfect name, right? It is totally not her personality. She is the meanest bully in the town, and she hates me. Lovely is an average height girl with curly reddish-brown hair. She is not very smart, but she acts like she is. Her favorite thing to do (so she says) is to make fun of people who are smaller than her and make them cry. I always try to be mean to her to make her nice to the little kids, but she never gives in.
I chased Lovely all over town. As I said earlier, everyone in our town has superspeed, so we accidentally ran far away from the school. I shouted to Lovely to stop, and, of course, she kept running. Finally, I caught up with her and forced her to stop. I quickly told her that we were lost. She looked around and breathlessly agreed with me. At first, she would not talk to me. I got frustrated because we were just wandering around getting more lost. I yelled at her and she yelled back. I told her that she had to talk to me and we had to get along if we ever wanted to get home. She told me that she would never get along with me, but that
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After traveling for what we thought was ten miles, we reached an old abandoned house. Lovely was still giving me the death stare every five seconds. I could see her out of the corner of my eye. Lovely and I crept up to the scary house. We were both shaking and hoped a ghost would not come flying out. As I climbed the front steps, the door slammed open. I shoved Lovely in front of me and she screamed. At first, we couldn’t see the woman dressed in all black. She took off her hood and what we saw surprised us. The woman was not a creepy old woman at all. She was a young, kind-looking, woman, with red hair and dark

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