Essay About Becoming A Baby

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So when I was born I came as kind of a shock. My mum was young and she didn’t expect to be having a baby any time soon. I guess not everyone is able to stick to their plan. Lots of people, when they are young, know what they want to do when they grow up. I am sure one of those things was not to already be a mum by the age of seventeen. I am sure that my mum had bigger aspirations than to get pregnant and raise a child on her own. Everyone has a dad, but to me mine means nothing. He has never seen me. To me he is just someone I do not know nor will I ever know him. I sometimes find myself wondering if he ever thinks about me. But I get a feeling of guilt whenever I do, as my mum has been there my whole life – and has never turned her back on me – while he just walked away. She tried so hard when I was little. She carried …show more content…
My mum met someone and he had his own two children aswell. It was all so exciting and it was new to me, having a bigger family than the two of us. I had gotten the dad I wanted, the brother and sister that I wanted too. What could 've been better? He loved me as though I was his own child, I was never excluded from anything because he wasn 't my 'real ' dad. As I got older my mum and her boyfriend were going to be having another baby. I was going to get another baby brother or sister. We were all so happy when they told us, we all got really excited. By this time we had all became very close, we were like a real family. I was content with my own little family. My mum had her baby, a new baby brother. I also got another sister a few years after he was born. I was so happy with how it turned out that I found my self considering my mums boyfriend – soon to be husband little did we know – my dad. He was always there too. Even though I had no blood relation he was there. So I ended up getting everything that I had wanted from my real dad out of my new

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