Essay 1 Dagoberto Gilb

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Ifeanyi Nwagbologu
February 3, 2014
English 1102-402 Analytic Writing
White Lies in L.A.
Dagoberto Gilb’s short story, deceiving titled “Love in L.A.”, paints a portrait of a hilarious event involving a minor car accident on the jam-packed Los Angeles freeway. When first reading the title, you automatically start making assumptions that this story has something to do with how a couple finds “Love in L.A.”. This story has nothing to do with love, in fact it has nothing to do with a minor car accident; it has more to do with our high valued thoughts which our minds fantasize and make life full of lies and illusions. We all like to fantasize and wish we had something’s we don’t necessarily have now, but Jake takes it a little too far.
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Jake, making up all the necessary information, lies to Marina about his last name, address, and wrote down the name of the insurance company belonging to his old girlfriend. Jake asks Marina for her phone number and she gives it to him. As Jake is getting ready to leave he realizes that Marina its taking down his license plate number on the Buick, too bad those were fake too. He started his car, revs his engine, and slaps that transmission in drive burning the tires. Love in L.A. is not the story you think it is what so ever. Jake is stuck in traffic on the Hollywood Freeway. He is a lying creep who is just looking for a girl to pick up and take on a date, and possibly fine love, like most men in this world. He is in a fantasy land, day dreaming about all the luxuries he wish he had in his life. Reality slaps him the face when he realizes he doesn’t have any of those things and now he has rear ended a lady, whose looks mesmerize him. Long story short, Jake essentially just wants to take Marina out to breakfast, for he finds her to be a very beautiful lady. After just hitting Marina’s car, you would think asking her out for breakfast would be the last thing on Jake’s mind; in this case that’s the only thing on his mind. Jake is just a delusional freak that lives to tell lies about his and day dream.

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