Esports: Informative Paper

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Jonathon D. Allen
Intro to Comm

Informative Speech Outline


I. Attention-Grabbing introduction:
Staple center, Los Angeles, California. Friday November, 4th 2013 1:24PM The Championship match.
After a weekend full of ups and downs, twist and turns it all comes to this.
1 week earlier, the previous Friday thousands have flown down to the heart of it all.
Crowded around the event hall doors, people everywhere, spectators itching to get the best seats.
Players going over in game builds, timings, and strategies just one more time until the doors finally open.
8 teams of 5 players to a team were seated into the week long tournament and now only two remain.
Royal Club and SK Telecom are season veterans of
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With these statistics of expansion and with how overseas treats E-Sports like a national sport and with pro gamers possessing the same set of virtues that any professional athlete has along the millions around the globe that already are a part of the community only drives E-Sports.
It’s not really a question of is it, it’s really a question of when!
When asked about where he sees E-Sports going and what to expect of the industry.
MLG Co-Founder Sundance DiGiovanni in a position that puts him at the hell of the entire E-Sports industry told Forbs Magazine in 2012 “that in 5 years he expects E-Sports to be a globally recognized phenomena. A truly established global sport.”

Competition and sports, two extremely American entities, two entities, two traditions that have been so ingrained into the fundamentals of American Culture and Society it’s so easy to dismiss something that challenges these very solidified pieces of our tradition.
Tradition is an important part of our culture. However, progress is inevitable.
Quoted from Pro-gamer Steven Elise from team Evil Geniuses
“We give everything for the game. Our blood, our sweat, our tears.
This is who we are, this is how we play.”

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