Espion - L'Effort Est Ma Force Essay

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“Espion” | L’effort est ma force(Effort is my force) | Written by: Jayne T. |

Scene 1
*Lights On*
*A man standing on stage*
*Man looks at his watch*

Narrator: My name is Ian Dominic. I am an international spy! I’ve been through countless of tough and adventurous missions!! Right now, I’m ready for another mission!
*beep sound* “Dii…diii... dii…*

Ian: *received a message from boss* Time to make a move! *Flung his jacket and put it on*
*Man passed by mirror and looks into it*

Ian: Who is this good- looking man in front of the mirror? Indeed, born to be handsome – one and only, Ian Dominic!!

*Man’s fingers searched through the wall and pressed a button*
*A door behind the mirror opens* “Rummm…..”
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Ian: *looking at the lady’s profile* wow, what a beauty! *Slapped himself* oh please, for the sake of this mission, I have to be focused! Get yourself together, man!

*Man puts on his handsome tuxedo*

Ian: Oh my goodness gracious me!! There is she! She is even prettier in person! *Slapped himself and tries to act natural*

*A young lady standing beside a man, speaking to the guest* *Young lady wore a long red dress and suitable make up*

Guest: I can see that your daughter has grown into a beautiful young lady… with much potential and capability… indeed is the daughter of Albert Steven Sparks…

*Young lady smiles shyly*

Albert: *laughs* hohoho… You are flattering/over- complimenting, Mr. Sergei… My daughter and I has been “……….” *Silenced conversation but lip sync*

Annabelle: Gentlemen, may I excuse myself? *Walks away and bumps into Ian Dominic*

Annabelle, Ian: Ohh my!! *looks towards each other when collides*

Ian: *shy* Hmm...You must be Annabelle Jane Sparks. It’s so nice to meet you.

Annabelle: *with a strange look* Ermm…You are?

Narrator: In order not to reveal my identity, I have to think of a fake name…

*Ian looks around and suddenly thought of something*
Ian: Oh, my name is Oliver Fox, the second son of the Artemis Corporation. I heard you have….. *continues chit-chatting on and on*

*Ian looks away and smiled* *Face audience*
Ian: I don’t know, I kind of enjoy

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