Esmt 200 Reflection

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Donglin(Kevin) Xie
Anna Lewis
EWRT 200
3 March 2016
Dear English Department:

I was so afraid of wrtting before I take EWRT 200. I came from China, and English was not my first language. It had been a nightmare for me to write an essay. Everytime my high school english teacher setted up a essay assinment, it would take me a lot of time to write, and I really hated it. However, this class helped me a lot to write an essay. The teacher’s lecture was very clear and breaked the essay into separate parts and it looked much easier for me. I am ready to move on to EWRT 211 because I have learned a lot from EWRT 200, and it is the time for me to march forward.
First reason that I am ready for EWRT is that I learned how to organize an essay using paragraph

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