Essay Esl Vocabulary Acquiring Perceptions As Follows

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This part examines the literature and research relevant to L2 vocabulary acquiring perceptions as follows:
Second language learning is always in especial demand in this recent multicultural world and vocabulary knowledge is indispensable to comprehend any language since words transfer meaning in most of the communicating events. According to Seal (1991), word knowledge is key part of communicative competence, and it is essential for both production and comprehension in a foreign language. According to O’Rourke (1974), it affects students’ thoughts, actions, aspirations, and success, especially in academic achievement. Studies noted that without an adequate knowledge of relevant vocabulary, students have difficulty performing the tasks required of them both in school and on the job (Harley, 1996; Kolich, 1985). Harley’s study revealed a close connection between reading comprehension and vocabulary knowledge.
It is very obvious that L2 learners find difficulty to learn school of vocabularies to develop their language. And with the advancement of modern technologies the tedious vocabulary learning became very interesting part of second or foreign language learning. In this case, CALL tools help them greatly to retain the vocabulary and to use it effectively.
As a part of that endeavor, some recent and past research findings have been accumulated in this chapter to analyze different aspects of computer assisted L2 vocabulary teaching and learning.
So in…

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