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Assignment : Teaching Grammar to ESL Students

1. I used to drink a bottle of vodka a day. (a recovering alcoholic at an AA meeting)

STRUCTURE: ‘used’ structure

FORM: subject + used to + infinitive

B. FUNCTION AND MEANING It talks about an action that happened regularly in the past but no longer happens in the present.


Meaning: Students may think that he is talking about the present, rather than the past. Some learners may use ‘used to’ in place of the simple present (E.g. they might say ‘I used to speak Somali at home’; instead of saying ‘I speak Somali at home’.) students might not understand that used to was a recurring habit in the past rather than it happening once.

Form: Student may
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Some of the learners may be influenced by their first language (e.g. German speakers use ‘when’ when they mean ‘if’, also, Italians and Portuguese learners tend to use ‘in case’ instead of ‘if’). Some learners over use the ‘would’, they might use it in appropriately in the ‘if’ class and in the conditional class.

Pronunciation: Since there are more auxiliary verbs to remember and the structure is quite long therefore, they may find difficulty in pronouncing ‘would have gone’ or ‘had studied’, which are the important part of the sentences and miss out auxiliary words. D. GENERATIVE CONTEXT:
A group of friends are discussing their regrets in life.

Model1: if I had studied hard, I would have passed my exam.

Model2: if I had won the lottery, I would have bought a car.

Model3: If I had had enough money I would have gone to Japan

E. CONCEPT CHECK QUESTIONS FOR Model ___2__: If I had won the lottery, I would have bought a car.

1. Did he win the lottery? (YES/NO) (Answer: NO)

2. Did he buy the car? (YES/NO) (Answer: NO)

3. Did he wish to win the lottery? (YES/NO) (Answer:

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