Escobar's Perspective On Global Mission

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Samuel Escobar writes that the twenty-first century is of global Christianity. Christianity is global. Escobar is a Latin American, he explore the role of the Church in the global, world. He also emphasize on the secular world and how Christian should globalize the mission, through a various of essays about missiology approach and evangelical missiology. In his thesis he write about the American ministry and perspective on global perspective. This paper will discuss Escobar approach in comparison and contrast example Holy Spirit and the Bible and some of the theologians such as Barth etc. And about Escobar’s overall theological contribution of perspective of two theologians. Finally, this paper will deliberate on cultural diverse ministries. …show more content…
It is essential to reach a nation abroad, to enlighten the full expectation of why God sent His son Jesus Christ on earth in the form of man. And that they are one in the Spirit. Jesus rose from the grave and ascended to Heaven. God’s purpose was to bring all man into the knowledge of Christ. During a missionary journey recorded in (Act 16:12-40) of how Lydia were leading her household to Christian mission. The book of Act tells of how many people that was touched by the mission experience. With these Biblical structures the global mission will be one that bring a world –wide focus on what the missiology is all about to not draw but to bring people to the repentance of the true knowledge of Jesus Christ. The love of God will bring people to the truth. Too tear down what other cultures and language they are accustomed too, is morally wrong, we shall build people up not tear them down (1Corinthian 10-13). Escobar mission is for saving those that are lost just as Jesus came to save those that are lost. Salvation is the sole purpose for missionary work to reach abroad (Matthew 20:28) God gave His life for the ransom of

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