Samuel Escobar Theology Approach: Holy Spirit And The Bible

Samuel Escobar writes that the twenty-first century is of global Christianity. Christianity is global. Escobar is a Latin American, he explore the role of the Church in the global, world. He also emphasize on the secular world and how Christian should globalize the mission, through a various of essays about missiology approach and evangelical missiology. In his thesis he write about the American ministry and perspective on global perspective. This paper will discuss Escobar approach in comparison and contrast example Holy Spirit and the Bible and some of the theologians such as Barth etc. And about Escobar’s overall theological contribution of perspective of two theologians. Finally, this paper will deliberate on cultural diverse ministries. …show more content…
Escobar theological perspective challenges Rahner, theory whereas, Escobar does not put his emphasis on just the eschatology, but on the dispensationalism. Human beings are called special revelation, whereas human is not the main issue when it comes to God, man is exempt from the Bible as for being the sole narrative and author. Schleiermacher theology of human beings share some common light as Escobar, Schleiermacher believes that the believer gets their knowledge from the Bible and they live by it through self-experience. The Vatican II movement has become into the movement of mission work. Pope Francis where the first to come global, he has set an example of what the contemporary mission is all about. Escobar and his missionary movement has reached many religion (Roman 8:14 -17). Escobar believes the Spirit of God can be reached all over the world. Even though there are different cultural and languages, the word of God can transform others to become faithful in the Triune God. Although, Rahner himself believes that human is transcendental of the supernatural existential of God. And without it man cannot grasp the full reality of God. Escobar emphasize on the fact that man has no power that is only God can give the power in the blood of Jesus Christ to regenerate people by the power of the Holy Spirit (Escobar, 2003). Escobar influence on Rahner and Schleiermacher that God can reach a multitude of people through missionary work and through Evangelical mission, the essence is to bring non- Christians to the belief stage of that God sent His Son Jesus Christ on earth in the form of man to reach those who are lost (John 3:17). Rahner says it is radically to not love thy neighbor and say that you love God (Matthew 22:39). Escobar mission perspectives is influence to other theologians as Rahner by

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