Escherichia Coli : A Model Bacterium Essay

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In this experiment, the most studied bacterium, Escherichia Coli, is utilized as a model bacterium for genetic transformation. E. Coli is a model bacterium since it can extensively be studied to understand a specific phenomenon. The benefits of E. Coli refer back to the observation that it can survive varied conditions; is a single-celled bacterium; is able to rapidly reproduce and grow; most E Coli strains are harmless; E Coli can easily be genetically transformed. Diving more in depth in this experiment, genetic transformation can occur through projectile bombardment, electroporation or heat shock. Genetic transformation requires the availability of technology in order for a cell to take up and express a foreign DNA, from another organism (Weedman, 2016). Another requirement for genetic transformation to occur is the presence of another DNA substance. Plasmid pGLO is the DNA utilized in the experiment. pGLO plasmid is a vector, in which is delivered by the heat shock method, containing the foreign DNA. Heat shock utilizes a calcium by calcium chloride to counteract the electrostatic repulsion amongst the plasmid DNA and bacterial cellular membrane (, 2016). Where instant increase in crafts pores in the plasma membrane of the bacteria, E. Coli, in which consents for plasmid DNA to insert the bacterial cell (, 2016). The plasmid can concur to be the foreign DNA, which is used to enter cells, as cells replicate and change the structure.…

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