Escaping Salem : The Other Witch Hunt Of 1692 Essay examples

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In the novel Escaping Salem: The Other Witch Hunt of 1692 by Richard Godbeer depicted a tale of fascinating events that took place. In the town of Stamford, Connecticut in the year of 1692 resided a young girl name Katherine Branch who served as a responsible house servant for Daniel and Abigail Wescot. Katherine Branch never gave the Wescot’s any trouble when it came to doing her daily duties such as cleaning, and doing errands. On one fine day Kate was sent out to a nearby field to pick some herbs for the Wescot’s. Kate had returned empty handed and her eyes were filled with tears running down her face. She was moaning with her hands against her chest as if she had seen the devil himself (Godbeer, 14). Katherine Branch began claiming to have been bewitched and Daniel Wescot believed her since the same thing had happened to his daughter some years back (Godbeer, 15). Daniel Wescot tried to desperately to figure out who it was the bewitched his beloved servant. Kate eventually played her role entirely and named the names of those that tormented her. Among the chosen were Mercy Disborough, Elizabeth Clawson, Mary Harvey, Goody Miller, and Hannah Harvey. Most of the women were set free while some were put to trial. Mercy Disborough was the only one who was found guilty, but because of the lack of evidence she was set free. Mercy Disborough almost paid the ultimate price because of the accusations made by Katherine Branch. Another witch hunt took place in 1692 which was…

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