The Importance Of Survival In Yann Martel's Life Of Pi

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Winston Churchill once said “when you’re going through hell, keep going”. And that is exactly what Pi Patel did in The Life of Pi, by Yann Martel. Pi, an Indian boy on a voyage with his family, survived the sinking of the Tsunami along with a Bengal tiger. He spent 227 long days out at sea facing many different obstacles. Throughout the story, Martel portrays the life lesson of never giving up by throwing different challenges at Pi and testing his will to survive. These obstacles prove how Pi never gave up and survived the long journey. Pi Patel’s family is fast asleep during a massive storm that eventually will cause the ship to sink; however, their son Pi, survives and is put into a lifeboat and thrown into the choppy, dark waters of the …show more content…
Pi, however had to train him to obey him as the “master” or “alpha” or else Pi would not live to see the next day. The two had to learn how to share the boat together equally and not be threatened by one another. This task was extremely difficult for Pi to overcome since Richard Parker was a very ferocious animal. Pi exclaims, “I was beside myself with terror- of Richard Parker..(260). He is already beside himself with fear, but his will to survive is overpowering his terror. Again he claims, “I was terrified before, during and after each attack, and I spent a long time shivering on the raft with fear” (261). Pi is practically paralyzed with fear and is almost unable to perform this task, but somewhere inside of him, he finds the will. By continuing to endure this terror, he is demonstrating the power of never giving up. As he decides to man up, he says, “I made my point, feet on the gunnel, boat rolling, my single-note language blasting from the whistle, and Richard Parker moaning and gasping at the bottom of the boat” (261). Finally, Pi had trained Richard Parker. He was now the alpha on the boat. He put aside his fear because he knew that if he overcame this obstacle, he would survive. Even when he wanted to give up and give the tiger all the power, he knew that decision was not smart in the long run, so, he persevered through the

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