Essay on Escape From Freedom By Erich Fromm

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When analyzing the first half of the book Escape from Freedom written by Erich Fromm, I gained quite a diverse perspective towards how individuals have become constructed throughout history. Fromm had summarized, humans cannot live in freedom without consequence. Furthering this, I was able to connect similarities between Fromm’s thesis and how a man such as Adolf Hitler, came into power. With such bold statements regarding the psychology of human nature, I have both positive thoughts as well as, some opposing thoughts towards his main idea.
Within the first chapter, I gained an understanding of the concepts that lie behind Fromm’s thesis. It is not possible for the individual to completely live in freedom and to simultaneously live free of worry and anxiety. Humans are a product of their environment, and we will continue to live that way because without the structure in our lives we feel lost. Additionally, it is in my belief, Fromm was providing readers with his opinion as to why humans will submit to an authoritarian leader; the authoritarian leader is simple for human’s to follow. I saw this to be a knowledgeable proposition as we have all been constructed throughout our lives to follow authority. From the minute the individual is born, we are raised by our parents and without that leadership human would not exist. Not only is it in our nature but also, we enjoy the simplicity of it. While living under authoritarianism, humans have to think little for themselves, they…

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