Escalation Policy : Factors Affecting The Integrity And Reputation Of Pathways Industries

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Escalation Policy
Pathways Industries

Policy Overview
This policy provides guidelines for responding to misuse of Pathways Industries IT and network resources either from internal or external sources. This policy will attempt to provide contact information for reporting incidents and when to involve Pathways Industries Executive Team, and or company legal representatives.
Attacks on Pathways Industries resources are serious infractions of the Acceptable Use Policy and could be considered as theft of intellectual property or other computer network attack. All staff members will receive regular training on acceptable use and incident handling procedures of all Pathways Industries resources. Attacks can have negative repercussions to the integrity and reputation of Pathways Industries. This policy provides guidelines for resolving and evaluation of malicious activities.

Policy Statement
In the event the system or network becomes compromised or is suspected of being under attack it is the responsibility of all employees to:
1. Report the incident to the Network Administrator, Network Security Administrator, or Security Supervisor.
2. Assist the Network Security Administrator to contain, block, or prevent further escalation of the attack if possible.
3. Assist with changes to correct the vulnerability, and repair any damage resulting from the attack.
4. Restore service if possible.
5. Assist in the preservation of any evidence as directed by the Network Security…

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