Ersonal Responsibility: Only You Can Hold Yourself Accountable for Academic Success.

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Personal Responsibility: Only you can hold yourself accountable for academic success.

Even though many students believe that they do not need a plan to achieve academic success, planning and goal setting is critical, without having a plan, and setting goals self-accountability for success is difficult. Maintaining a plan to succeed and to hold yourself accountable for both success and failure is the first step in personal responsibility. Students that plan for and take personal responsibility for their education have drastically improved success rate of achieving their educational goals.
Personal responsibility is holding yourself accountable for the actions you choose or chose not to take in your pursuit of success. Students that do
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Part-Time students often have other commitment such as full-time employment or children that takeaway from study time. (MacCann, Fogarty, Roberts, 2011) Therefore, Time Management skills for the part-time student become even more important.

Time Management allows you to manage a limited resource effectively. It does not matter who you are or where you live in the world. Every person on the planet only has 24 hours in a day and 168 hours in a week. So every person must manage this resource effectively if they want to be successful in their Academic, Professional, and Personal pursuits. "In addition, the increasing use of e-learning and virtual education to supplement or replace face-to-face lecture and seminar teaching formats means that students' time is not automatically scheduled into regular face-to-face blocks each week." (MacCann, Fogarty, Roberts, 2011, p. 622) Therefore, effective Time Management becomes even more critical for the e-learning student.

Using a To-Do List, one can manage the wide variety of task they need to complete. When adding a task to the list, it is important to assign each task with an estimated amount of time that you expect to need to complete each task and then also assign it a priority ranking. It is important to be realistic with the time needed to complete task. This process will allow you to tackle the most important tasks 1st or the task that have the closest due date. Often you will

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