Error And The Problem Of Evil Essay

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After reading meditations the people wondered and asked Descartes, “If all humans make mistakes, how do you know that you didn’t make a mistake in writing meditations?” He then had to come up with the concept of the problem of error to explain to his readers that there was no mistake in completing meditations. The problem of error just states that basically we all make mistakes in judgement. The problem of error is closely related to the problem of evil. The problem of evil is the introduction of unnecessary suffering and pain brought into the world. By this we know that evil exists but isn’t necessary and for sure we know that evil exists because it’s all around us. Just like the problem of error it’s all around us, and we all commit it and evil happens around us and it depends on the person to go with the act. The belief of the problem of error is that god is omnipotent, god is all knowing, god is perfectly good but you can’t deny that evil exists. Descartes belief is sort of the same that god is omnipotent, god is all knowing, and god is perfectly good but instead of stating that evil exists he states that error exists and he proves that god is not the creator of evil. With that in mind people still had their critics saying, “if god were all good would he want us to make mistakes” or “if god were all powerful wouldn’t he make it that there is no evil. So therefore, Descartes is going to try to prove that we make mistakes and god is still powerful and all knowing.


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