How Can My Mom Leave Me Alone

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Mom! Could You Leave me Alone? For this profile, I want to talk about the role of an Asian mom. "Mom! Could you leave me alone?" My sister always yells these words to my mom at home. Nowadays, a teenage girl thinks her mom's concern limits her freedom, so she considers her mom as the most annoying woman in the world. A teenage girl even thinks that her mother does not love her at all. Mom always tells her to clean up her bedroom and bathroom, to dress up properly, to stay at home at night, and, most importantly, to get good grades on school subjects. However, all this nagging manifests that she cares about her daughter. Despite of the fact that the teenage girl has conflict with her mom, there should be a way for the teenage girl to correct the misconception with her mom. Nowadays, the teenage girl thinks mom is the most controlling person in the world. Take my sister as an example: she always has conflicts with our …show more content…
The main reason my mom forbids my sister to go out on Friday night is because she cares about her safety and well-being. After every argument, although it seems like my sister should be the most upset, typically my mom is the one who struggles the most. She tries to hide it, but her feelings of regret and worry can be seen through her face and actions. After the fight, she will always fix some food for my sister and have me send them to her room. My mom may seem very uptight and is very strict with us, but it is all for our own good. She has made incredible sacrifices to provide us with a better future. Our Mom gives up her job in China in order to take care of me and my sister's studies in the U.S. She learns how to manage all the bill payments and even does all the housework without complaint. Bearing all of her contributions in mind, sometimes my mom would feel wronged when my sister yells at her and tells her that she hates

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