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Apprenticeships for supporting teaching and learning in schools

Employee rights and responsibilities (ERR) workbook




Introduction 1

What are ERR? 1 Using the workbook 1 Planning ERR programmes 1 Monitoring programmes 2 Completion form 2

1. Statutory rights and responsibilities 3

1.1 Contracts of employment 3 1.2 Anti-discrimination provisions 4 1.3 Working hours and holiday entitlements 5 1.4 Sickness absence and sick pay 5 1.5 Data protection 6 1.6 Health and safety 6 1.7 Legislative frameworks in the sector 7

2. Procedures and documentation 8

2.1 Contracts
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Regular reviews with learners, involving both the provider and the employer, should be carried out to measure progress towards achievement of the ERR targets and outcomes.

Completion form

Evidence that ERR have been covered within the apprenticeship programme must be sent with the apprenticeship certification request.

A form is provided at the end of this workbook for this purpose. (Please note that the ERR programme itself is not required to be separately certificated.)

The form must be signed and dated by the provider, employer and the apprentice to confirm that all aspects of employee rights and responsibilities have been covered.

1. Statutory rights and responsibilities

The learner knows that employers and employees have a range of statutory rights and responsibilities under employment law and that employment can be affected by other legislation as well, e.g. Employment Rights Act 1996, Equality Act 2010 and Health and Safety legislation.

1.1 Contracts of employment

What the learner needs to know:

• The relationship between an employer and employee is governed by the terms and conditions contained within a contract of employment

• Employment contracts are legally binding on both the employer and employee and serve to protect each other’s rights and responsibilities

• A contract of employment comes into force as soon as a firm offer of employment has been made and accepted, even if agreement

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