Erp Implementation Essay

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Enterprise Resource Planning Implementation in an Institution of Higher Learning:
A Case Study of Drummond University
Randall B. Hayes, Central Michigan University, USA Kathleen M. Utecht, Sam Houston State University, USA

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software systems are implemented in major corporations because
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The Board of Trustees selects the president, with some advice from the faculty.

Bob Stewart was concerned about a call he had just received. Stewart was a senior professor in the Information Systems Department at DU and was acknowledged as one of the more capable people on campus in the area of databases and networking. The call was from Allen Carpenter, one of the senior members of DU’s Board of Trustees. Carpenter wanted Stewart’s evaluation of the SAP R/3 system that had been installed on campus 10 years earlier. Specifically, Carpenter wanted Stewart to consider whether DU had made the right choice in adopting an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system and whether DU was using the software effectively (Martins & Kambil, 1999). Stewart knew Carpenter slightly through a previous presentation to the Board regarding an unrelated issue. Carpenter was the CEO of a mid-sized publishing company, and he had the reputation of someone who wanted to bring a serious business-like approach to the way the university conducted its affairs. Carpenter always wanted detailed cash flow data regarding any new university initiative, and he wanted tight accountability for any new project’s success or failure. As he was a senior member of the Board, Carpenter’s approach was adopted by the Board of Trustees.

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