Essay about Erp (Enterprise Resource Planning)

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Application of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
ERP (Enterprise resource planning) is a software that allows companies to automate and integrate many of their business processes, share a common database and business practices throughout the enterprise, and produce information in real time. The objective of ERP system is that it supports the streaming and distribution of geographically scattered enterprise information across all the functional units of a business house. It provides the business management executives with a comprehensive overview of the complete business process, which in turn influences their decisions in a productive way. Many big companies have adopted ERP into
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To upgrading their information system, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) was put into consideration. One of the reasons that Omantel pursued ERP was the need to reach national requirements (Maguire, S., Ojiako, U. & Said, A., 2010). In 2005, Omantel approached Oracle, one leaders of ERP providers in the world, to help build their ERP system for them. The project was planned to be completed within one year. However, Omantel faced many problems and obstacles along the way while implementing the project.

Before the project could go live, Omantel had conducted a consultation program which gave them feedbacks and recognitions of the ERP project, not only from their customers and suppliers but also from Omantel’s competitors and regulators. The purpose of this consultation was to help Omantel to obtain consent of their changing process among major stakeholders. Through this preparation, Omantel had to address many problems that were suggested by their stakeholders.

Project Management:
During the beginning stages of implementation, communication was a prominent challenge in this project. Omantel employees felt that they did not receive any support or time from the Oracle team. In fact, two teams from Omantel and Oracle seemed to perform two independent implementations. In order to resolve the miscommunication problem, the implementation teams were combined into a single team. The

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