Eros : Female Souls Thriving And Crumbling Essay

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Eros: Female Souls Thriving and Crumbling
The term “Eros,” referring to passionate love in English, has long been the mainstream of themes in drama, literature, arts, and cinematic media. The fascinating power of love has been exhaustively publicized, and the pursuit of love is diffused in streets and lanes. Conversely, in ancient times, many poets, especially Virgil, Ovid and Apuleius, described eros as such an evil spirit that it will destroy the female soul thoroughly, except for the one in Apuleius’ story of Cupid and Psyche. Even if taking into account the historical background of a patriarchal community and therefore the esteemed male dominance, the particular case of Psyche’s surviving and even thriving her encounter with eros is not unpredictable. Unlike the female characters depicted by Ovid and Virgil, Psyche is endowed with intellectual comprehension, valiant action with judicious insight and eventual reception of public approval in her love of Cupid, and those virtues mutually affect and contribute to her ultimately successful confrontation with the detrimental impacts of eros.
One major difference Apuleius makes in his depiction of Psyche is that he places a premise in her original encounter with Cupid—she is neither allowed to know his identity nor to see his face. The sequence of Psyche’s acquaintance with her lover, in fact, plays quite an important role in the story. People often say that, “To see is to believe.” However, this is not always the…

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