Ernie Pyle, An American Journalist Essay

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One of America’s most popular war correspondent in history was Ernie Pyle, an American journalist, who told stories of residents living in rural America. Later on, during World War II, Pyle shared insights into lives of the brave ordinary men fighting in the European and Pacific theatres. He would report from all branches of the military, from foot-soldiers to pilots. At the time, his convincing and vivid descriptions of war were talked about across the country. Pyle described the hardships and struggles each soldier would face everyday on the battlefield.
To begin with, Ernie Pyle was born on August 3, 1900, in Dana, Indiana. His parents, Will and Maria Pyle, who insisted, despite his dreams to enroll in the first world war, to continue his education. At the age of nineteen, in the Fall of 1919, he attended Indiana University at Bloomington, where he obtained a degree in journalism. Soon after graduating in 1923, Ernie became a reporter for the Scripps-Howard Daily News, was a twelve page tabloid that typically sold for one-cent. At the newspaper chain, Ernie’s supervisors saw his potential for writing, and quickly made him copy editor. Throughout his time at Scripps-Howard, he written a newspaper article called “The Ideal Girl”,the piece depicted what kind of youthful woman should a man marry. The editorial stated that a woman would be “the type who is willing to share your troubles, sympathize with you in your periods of adverses, and makes your interests with her…

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