Ernest Hemingway's Writing Style

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Ernest Hemingway is known for his peculiar writing style that differed from most writers during his era. Many people think his words are not complex enough or too direct. Hemingway believed there was no need to use “a two dollar word when a 10 cent word will do” (Hemingway). To me, Hemingway is an exceptional writer because of his simple style and influence he has on other authors. Hemingway wrote his stories for the common man. He felt using big, fancy words was pointless when simple words could convey his meaning. His style of writing easily created stories to feel like they are real life. His writing made the reader feel as if he or she were listening to him speak instead of reading what he wrote. Hemingway is a writer who “knows enough about what he is writing about, he may omit things that he knows” ( In his eyes, there aren’t any rules to writing. Hemingway has taught himself to use simplicity while also having a deeper meaning. The simple words displayed that he wanted the reader to focus more on the characters and subjects complexity rather than the context of each word. Ernest Hemingway uses “language to capture and contain a thread of experience as it wavered through time” ( He wrote about his personal experiences and struggles which helped the …show more content…
It is often said that he is not a good writer because he started off so strong and as he got older, his stories got worse and worse. While it is true that his later works were not as strong has his beginning works, he introduced what he calls the Iceberg Principle. This meant that the deeper meaning of the story was not shown on the surface but it would be noticed indirectly. Many authors disagree with his theory of using simple words and sentences in writing, however, Hemingway created works that are still being recognized over a hundred years

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