Ernest Hemingway's The Short Happy Life Of Francis Macomber

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Ernest Hemingway was one of the greatest writers of the twentieth century. He lived a very unique life and he carries that over into his writing. His writing intrigues me in the fact that he has such an abrupt writing style, but it was also simplistic. Many experiences that Hemingway went through in his life was evident in aspects of his writing. Hemingway was a patriarch of American Literature. He was awarded for being a war hero and later he received awards for his writing. Eventually his alcoholism and love of different women became too much for him to deal with and he took his own life.
Hemingway was born in Oak Park, Illinois in 1899. His father was a physician and his mother was a singer turned music teacher. His father suffered from
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They had a hunting guide that would accompany them on their hunting trips. The background of the story was that the couple already had a rocky relationship. He was rich, and she was beautiful and young. On the first hunting trip he shoots a lion and is scared to go in the tall grass and make sure it is dead. When the lion charges, the guide shoots the animal and Francis becomes afraid. Francis wife kisses the guide in the mouth and talks about his bravery. The next hunting trip is very different. The men are hunting buffalo and when they shoot the animal something changes inside Francis. He decides that he now has no fear of anything. His wife had been waiting by the jeep for the two men. When a gunshot rings out and then Francis lies dead in Africa; killed by his wife. She realized that once he became brave and could make it on his own that he would leave her, so she killed him. The only sad thing in the story is the reader is pulling for the husband because his wife is unfaithful and money hungry. (Ernest Hemingway, Thought in …show more content…
Not only did he have a great deal of action and adventure in his life, but he brought that into his simplistic and rustic writing style. He started out as a journalist for “The Kansas City Star” and many critics believe that this is the reason that his writing is in short sentences that lack detail. Hemingway had a distinctive style of which only a small percent of the story is from what the sentence states. Most of the story had a deeper meaning that readers had to think about.
This distinctive style made Hemingway a popular writer and his stories best sellers. In many of Hemingway’s stories it is clear that he is leaving out a lot of details about characters history. Hemingway wrote many successful short fictions works, but also novels, and non-fiction. Hemingway could not wait to join the military and be a part of the war. He incorporates this into some of his stories about war, soldiers, and returning home. In 1926 Hemingway published his first novel and in 1964 after having taken his own life in 1961; manuscripts were found, and Scribner’s published “A Moveable

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