Ernest Hemingway 's The Great Hemingway Essay

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The Great Ernest Hemingway Ernest Hemingway was one of America’s premiere authors during the early 1900s. He brilliantly wrote a short story or novel in a fashion that was unconventional for the time period. While reading any work by Hemingway the reader has to keep in mind that what is written might be tied to some other part in the story. Hemingway used many different writing strategies to keep the reader engaged throughout his stories. Ernest Hemingway is able to keep the readers engaged throughout this novel by incorporating symbolism in his writing such as water for cleansing the soul, color as a sign of purity, and elevation as a reflection of mood. Hemingway created his novels by recreating his own life stories. Ernest would include people in his life as characters in his writings regardless of the collateral damage. Whether they were friends or people he was introduced to anyone could be included. With many of the expatriates in Europe he knew many people there. Hemingway gained a great appreciation for bullfighting, and had attended them for several years.
Hemingway was introduced to Lady Duff by Harold Loeb a Princeton graduate. The only difference here is Jake introduces Lady Brett to Robert Cohn. Both Cohn and Loeb are Princeton graduates and they both boxed in college. The relationship between the two were the same in life and in the book. Cohn chased Lady Brett just like Loeb chased Lady Duff.
Ernest was able to draw on the similarities with Lady Brett and…

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