Ernest Hemingway 's Personal Life Essay

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Ernest Hemingway 's Personal Life in His Books Ernest Hemingway was seen as a macho man. He was known to include himself in his characters. He tended to describe himself as a masculine, nature enjoying, woman loving, often depressed, alcoholic, hero. Ernest Hemingway used his childhood and personal life experiences to write his literary works. Ernest Hemingway was born in Oak Park, Illinois, on July 21, 1899 (Ernest Hemingway in Key West). Hemingway 's family was upper middle class. As a young child, he was introduced to the outdoors. His father, Clarence, was a country physician who enjoyed hunting and fishing (Ernest Hemingway in Key West). Clarence liked showing his son the outdoors. This influenced many of Hemingway 's stories. He spent most of his childhood summers at his family’s summer home at Walloon Lake in Michigan (Ernest Hemingway biography). Here Hemingway learned to hunt, fish, and appreciate nature. One of his short stories "Up in Michigan" was influenced by his times at Walloon Lake. This story shows his love for the outdoors and alcohol. The story involves hunting, which is what Hemingway enjoyed to do in his spare time (Ernest Hemingway in Key West). Throughout his career, Hemingway stayed true to his roots and wrote about what he loved. Hemingway was excellent in sports and academics in high school (Ernest Hemingway biography). He had the chance to attend college, but declined. Instead, his uncle helped him get a job for the "Kansas City…

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