Essay on Ernest Hemingway 's Our Time

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Reading Ernest Hemingway’s In Our Time can be slightly confusing because of the sudden story endings and seemingly choppy and incoherent story line, but linking the stories is the underline appears of war like images. Sometimes these war like images appear in day to day life events. One of these day to day war like images appears in The Battler where readers learn the story of Ad Frances. Ad was once a professional fighter, but he is now very disfigured and presumably lives out near the train tracks. Many different points of Ad’s life coincide with Krebs life in Soldier’s Home. Krebs has just come back from war, and he is trying to go back to living his day to day life. Despite Ad being a professional fighter and Krebs being a war veteran, many points of their life are similar. Because of this, Ad’s story represents a way in which Hemingway presents war in a person’s day to day life. One similarity between Kerbs and Ad is the fact that some event happened that leads them to the state they are in. Kerbs comes back from war, and Ad’s girl left him. In this case, Ad’s wife is made out to represent war. First, she presents Ad with money just like the government gives Kerbs money. Second, she is continuously compared to Ad. Bugs tells Nick that “She’s a mighty fine woman… she looks enough like him to be his own twin” (Hemingway 61). Bugs said this previously and quickly clarified that they looked similar before Ad became disfigured, but this time, he only says that they look…

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