Ernest Hemingway: A Biographical Criticism

Ernest Hemingway A Biographical Criticism
Ernest Hemingway was among the most significant authors in the 20th century. Hemingway’s publications, in form of short fiction and novels left imprints on the literary system of not only the USA, but the entre globe as a whole (Ebersole,143).Currently, the author who is also a Nobel prize winner, is considered among the greatest novelists and is especially renowned for famous works among them A Farewell To Arms and The Old Man And The Sea (Moreland,114). Aside from the two books, Hemingway is respected for his charming persona which he depicts in all his other books. This has managed to attract modern readers to his publications. Hemingway was born in Illinois in Oak Park and began writing
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In addition, modern readers accept his publications as literary classics to date (Moreland, 112). Readers particularly appreciate the stark as well as the minimalist style as well as the accessibility that the publications have to readers. Respected authors among them James Joyce even acknowledges that the work done by Hemingway had an impact on their own techniques of writing. In addition, according to Mammadov (2015) Hemingway’s works also created the path for pulp fiction which was rare during the 20th century. This is evidenced by the estimated 60yeats that he dedicated to the creation of strong writing reputation that has remained unsurpassed even today. By doing this, the author not only created a hero in terms of writing, but also managed to captivate both the literary critics and the average readers as well. To date, both his career and legacy remain celebrated and many consider him a literary …show more content…
However from the biography above, it is clear that Hemingway played an essential role on literary activity. Despite the challenges he faced including the wounds he got from being in the front line, his marriages and his depression, he still has a unique writing style that appealed to many readers across the globe. Works Cited
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